Statement from State’s Attorney Foxx on Springfield Legislation

June 1, 2017
“The Illinois legislature has taken important steps to move towards justice system reform and the restoration of trust. I thank the Illinois House and Senate for passing special prosecutor legislation that will allow my office to seek a secondary review in police-involved shooting cases; through this legislation, we will be able to continue to build transparency and legitimacy.
I also commend the Illinois House and Senate for their work on the Bail Reform Act of 2017. This bill takes an important step in reforming Illinois’ broken bond system, and preventing the expiration of state RICO, a critical tool that allows law enforcement and prosecutors to investigate and prosecute criminal enterprises that are perpetuating violence through trafficking in narcotics and firearms.
These actions represent what we need to achieve true criminal justice reform: accountability and transparency, coupled with tools that focus our resources appropriately – reducing incarceration of low-level offenders who do not pose a threat to public safety, while aggressively pursuing the high-level players who are orchestrating criminal activity and violence in our neighborhoods.”