Career Information for Licensed Attorneys

Career Information for Licensed Attorneys

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for holding criminals accountable while protecting the rights of victims throughout the criminal justice process. Our priority in every case is ensuring justice for all. Although the office has a strong policy of promoting from within, a limited number of lateral attorneys are hired occasionally when the needs of the office call for it; if you are ready to spend your career serving the People of Cook County on a daily basis, we encourage you to apply to become an Assistant State’s Attorney.

First year ASAs start in our Criminal Appeals Division and can be assigned to either the Civil Actions Bureau or the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau thereafter. As an ASA, you will use your advocacy skills to give a voice to victims of crime in the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau or serve as the voice for County office holders and agencies in the Civil Actions Bureau. We offer a competitive starting salary and benefits as well as the opportunity to work with, and learn from, some of the nation’s top prosecutors. Training and CLE is also offered on an annual basis. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Process

Complete and submit an application form. You can download a blank application here.

Once you have submitted a complete application, you may be invited for an interview. There are two rounds of interviews for positions as an ASA; you will receive more guidance on this process if you are invited to participate.

All applicants are required to sign Office Release Forms.

All inquiries related to any of the information above can be directed to

Alternative Opportunities with CCSAO

Recent graduates and practitioners with up to five years of experience are encouraged to apply for a volunteer Fellowship with the SAO. Fellowships are a unique way for attorneys to gain meaningful and practical legal experience as they enter the profession. A Fellowship with the CCSAO offers young attorneys invaluable, hands-on experience, advocating in a courtroom on a daily basis. Please visit our Fellowship Program page for more information.

New Associates at law firms who would like to help jumpstart their career and accelerate their learning are welcome to participate in our Secondment Program. The program is open to Associates who have taken the bar exam and are awaiting their results or who are new Associates to a firm. Please visit our Secondment Program page for more information.